Lakota West High School Nerf Wars

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Welcome To The Nerf Wars!!

The second time around at least. The rules and procedure are mostly the same as before, with a few needed changes. I will not be participating in this so that I can remain objective as posible. This is a last man standing game. The only difference is new rules and a fast easy way to settle disputes.

I have posted the teams playing on this website.

If you get somebody out call me at 807-1340 or E-Mail me at and tell me who it was.

You must have at least one witness.

If the person killed denys you the kill then you will have to talk it out with them.

If you are unable to decide you will have a duel or I will disqualify someone based my own judgment.

Don't lie about getting someone out. Also don't lie about getting hit, call yourself out.

If I find out either of these happen I will disqualify you.

Someone recently asked if there can be timeouts. That would be a no.


-If there is a dispute between two people they must work it out, if it is a question of the rules I will happily answer any questions, if the dispute still contnues it will come down to a duel. Nerf guns and darts will be supplied. These are six shooters, no additional ammo is allowed, you get your six shots. Duels will be held in the hall by Barnes and Nobles in the Streets of West Chester.

-School grounds and functions, Practices, Churches, Work and organized functions directly related to these are OFF LIMITS. I will not count anyone out who is shot on these terms. West Chester Road in front of the school counts as school grounds, too many people park there to not.

-Chores required by parents are concidered work.

-Deflected darts do not count. They must hit a person directly.

-No paintball guns, BB guns, Airsoft guns, or anything other than soft nerf darts and other soft nerf products allowed.

-All rules of the road apply. DO NOT TEST ME ON THIS.

-No blocking roadways, its pathetic that I have to put this here, you would think that rules of the road would cover it.

-No blocking in cars with other cars.

-No shooting in a moving car

-No entry into someones house unless you are invited, yes their parents can admit you.

-The safe house is Chipotle or B-Dubs, any Chipotle or B-Dubs. The parking lots are included.

-Breaking any rules in bold equal disqualification.

-If I find you lied about a kill or about being killed you will be disqualified.

-Distuction of property is not only an automatic D/Q but also will be reported to OT.

-Decoys to pick up darts are not allowed.

Any Questions Please Contact Me.

Have fun and be safe!!


Team #1
Player Name _____________ Player Status
  1. Kyle Frandoni____________Eliminated
  2. Brandon Reider___________Eliminated
  3. Matt Miller______________Eliminated
  4. Andrew Benner___________IN
  5. Zach Leimberger__________IN
  6. Zach Pickens ____________ IN
  7. Rob Shaw ______________IN
  8. Logan Pressler___________ IN

Team #2
Player Name _____________ Player Status
  1. Vince Cicchinelli__________IN
  2. Rob Bowling ____________ Eliminated
  3. Andy Haberman _________ IN
  4. Vince Glass_____________ Eliminated
  5. Ryan Gray _____________ IN
  6. Brian Gilbert____________ IN
  7. Jordan Gentry___________IN
  8. Travis Avery____________IN

Team #3
Player Name _____________ Player Status

  1. Jake Walker ____________ IN
  2. Andy Schwarts __________ IN
  3. Mike Girardot___________ Eliminated
  4. Amin Shawki____________IN
  5. Randy Thomas __________IN
  6. Stuart Swift ____________ IN
  7. Jordan Parayil___________IN
  8. Jon Kovach_____________ IN

Team #4
Player Name _____________ Player Status

  1. Chirs McClory ___________IN
  2. Bryan Post _____________ Eliminated
  3. Ryan Peterson ___________Eliminated
  4. Marvin Williams__________IN
  5. Josh Schloemer __________ IN
  6. David Hymer ____________IN
  7. Justin Tompkins__________IN
  8. Alex Suall ______________ IN

Team #5
Player Name _____________ Player Status
  1. Chris Arozarena___________IN
  2. David Burchnall___________IN
  3. Jimmy Xi_______________ IN
  4. Sean Sachdova ___________ Eliminated
  5. Dillon Courts_____________IN
  6. Todd Castnr_____________ Eliminated
  7. Andrew Phelan ___________Eliminated
  8. Chris Dooley_____________ Eliminated
Team #6
Player Name______________Player Status

  1. Brandon Bunn____________IN
  2. Jon Roach_______________IN
  3. Ally Bavaro______________IN
  4. Jesse Beaty______________IN
  5. Jeremy Cairelli ___________ IN
  6. Jordan Von Walde_________ IN
  7. Tucker Stremming_________IN
  8. Kevin Tufts______________IN
Team #7
Player Name_________________Player Status

  1. Miles Harp______________ IN
  2. Justin Schultheiss _________ IN
  3. Justin Florida ____________ IN
  4. Robert Ray______________ IN
  5. Brian Bhett______________ IN
  6. Michael Wright ___________ IN
  7. Brain Gooch______________Eliminated
  8. Barion Smith_____________ IN
Team #8
Player Name_________________Player Status

  1. Jordan Kirker____________ IN
  2. Josh Haner______________ IN
  3. Joey Clemmer____________Eliminated
  4. Spencer Gulla____________ IN
  5. Joe Baker_______________IN
  6. Mike Burroughs__________ IN
  7. Troy Gainey_____________ IN
  8. Cory Nicely______________IN

Team #9
Player Name___________________Player Status

  1. Colin McMahon__________Eliminated
  2. Robby Schlomer_________ IN
  3. Parker Novak___________Eliminated
  4. Kyle Dukes ____________ IN
  5. Kyle Donnelly __________ IN
  6. Bryan Hanlin___________ IN
  7. Eric George____________ IN
  8. Brian Woodard__________IN


May 2006  

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